Saniflow Toilet Pumps

What items do you check on Saniflo style toilet pumps. Also, what are the code requirements for the maserated waste discharge.

Btw attached a good video description for those not familiar.

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I’ve primary seen these systems on floating homes (house boats) and basement installs where the lateral is above the discharge line. Things I check for are a check valve that prevents sewage flow back into the pump or sump when the pump mechanism turns off. There are some recommended head pressures that should be listed on the pump specs and general plumbing installation procedures.
Also check that the discharge lines are of adequate size and are secured properly if abs. Vent line within 5.0’ of the sump or within the actual holding tank is also recommended. Loud or excessively noisy pumps may believe an indication of overload or imminent failure. also check the amount of waste that is being introduced does not exceed the pumps recommended load for multiple fixtures such as toilets and shower along with tubs and sinks or washers which may be served simultaneously.

Thanks Rick. Good helpful info. : ) Do you have any bldg code references. I think the vent should go to a stack instead of outside also.