Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

Looking for advice/opinions…when checking a roof and there is a bit of wet/dry rot on the eave in one area, does that make the roof unsatisfactory? See photo.

Also, the bitumen roof is showing its age (14 years) but there are no visible leaks, see photo. Would this roof be unacceptable due to thinning of bitumen but not leaking yet? See photo.

Rusty pan for Air Handler unacceptable? See photo.

Also, is the corrosion on this water heater pipe enough to make it unacceptable as well? See photo.

Thank you for any help!

Report what you observe, the specific defect or particular area of concern;
why it’s a concern, if not self-evident;
and what to do about it (repair, replace, remove, whatever);
and whom to call or seek advice from this defect/concern.

You could also include a brief explanation of why it needs to be addressed, such as the consequences of not fixing it.

Just calling something “acceptable” or “unacceptable” isn’t the best option.


Are you talking about a 4 point report?
If so, I wouldnt mark any of that ‘unsatisfactory’, just provide the pics and the ages


What is acceptable or not is up to your client, not you. Recommend you use different terminology in report writing.

The SOP states what and how things will be reported. Read it again and follow the guidelines. Everything you pointed out is an issue (of something), and should be addressed in your report.

How you report it is another issue.

  1. The roof trim is a moisture issue, but may not structurally affect the roof at this point. Fixing the cause of the moisture issue is more important that replacing trim boards.

  2. The roof is “functioning as intended”. Your SOP likely says you are not to try and predict the future. Just report the condition of the roof if it applies. From here, it looks good. An old house does not need to be in “New Condition or Replace”.

  3. The HVAC Aux Drain Pan has indication of condensate leakage issues over a significant time, and is likely still an issue. The pan is not connected to a drain, but is protected by a safety switch which makes it OK. That drain switch does not look right from here. If water leak is not corrected the pan will no longer function as required and leak through the ceiling below. Fix the HVAC, not the drain pan.

  4. Water line connection indicates a leak (in some point in time), but top of the water heater does not indicate it is current. If it is a threaded fitting, it likely sealed itself shut. No longer leaking, but let the client know about it.

Your finding this stuff but you need to look closer at what is going on and maybe why. This gets the right contractor to fix the critical issue. Again, unacceptable is not sufficient information as to what is going on.



Thank you!

Yes, it is a 4 point inspection and the 4 point asks if condition is acceptable or unacceptable. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond and give me your advice. Thank you!!

Erin, the Citizens form asks specifically if the electric,
misc plumbing items & roof are in satisfactory condition.


I would tell the client that the insurance may want the roof replaced based on age, but that is up to the carrier.
Most insurance companies won’t insure over 15 years on that roof, but that is not to say they can’t get insurance.

I just give them a heads up