Savings enjoyed by consumers who hired InterNACHI members tops $100 billion

Estimated number of inspections performed by InterNACHI members (That’s over 64 million inspections!):

One inspection every 10 seconds? :flushed:


$14,635.29 per hour savings. Doable but whats the formula?

Not hard to imagine. I would suspect double:-)
My clients saved ><$1,000,000 I can predict. More than me out there.
Not the best but the bestest Inspector in his field. Because of Robert’s efforts, hardwork, intelligence and dedication toward his job i found out how important is to have a master person to inspect that dam thing which you have to pay whole life and because of Robert i managed to save $$$$ in four figures which i will use pay to fix those things which have to be fixed and were hidden from seller. Thank you very much Robert

Nick just told you. Retaining a InterNACHI home inspector.