Say hello to my leetle friend!

I was in a detatched garage during an inspection. The owner, buyer and Real Estate Agent were with me. I opened a closet door and stepped inside, suddenly the loudest screams occur behind me and there is a wild scrammble to get away. I turn around and am nose to nose with the biggest yellow snake I’ve ever seen. I laughed and then started talking to him, reached out and picked him up to take him outside. Apparently he had gotten so big eating mice that he couldn’t get out of the closet anymore. After showing him to the gang around me we let him go in the field behind the house.

So how much do snake charmers make in Largo?

Any doubt what this is from my Monday inspection? She was as big as my thumb!

I am soooooo glad those li’l girls don’t like my weather systems. man i HATE those things. we’ve had 'em get here by accident in fruit shipments to the grocery stores, bit a stock boy and put him in the hospital for a week. i’d rather shovel snow thank you.:wink:

Don’t be so sure. Brown recluse spiders do live that far north.

Usually not for very long because it’s way out of their natural range, which is the Midwest to South. However, because they love boxes, they do travel, particularly during Christmas when everyone is sending Christmas presents, and during moves.

Here’s the best site for information on recluse spiders, as well as some others that are dangerous.

The brown recluse doesn’t live naturally here in California–I guess they don’t like the beaches, or maybe it’s the earthquakes and mudslides–but we do have lots of other recluses. Unfortunately, anytime someone gets bitten by a spider that is not black and does not have a red hourglass on its belly, they claim that it is a brown recluse. Many times it is not.

I’m with Jay, I would rather shovel snow than deal with these critters, they are all yours.
Don’t mind the education as to what they are, but sure the hell don’t want to deal with them. I guess I would not be a good Inspector for crawl spaces if the possibility of those being there.

Marcel ha. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here’s a tid bit of information for “spider lovers”.

At any given point you are only 3 feet away from some species of spider due to their great numbers and adaptability to environment. So no matter where you are, one of them is always watching you! :shock: