Spiders I hate them

Check this one out. It’s huge. Welcome to Florida.

You need to hold him in your hand so we can get a sense of the relative size.

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I’ve seen them up there in the Gainsville area… the webs were over 10 feet wide/ tall and so strong made us wonder if they were catching birds. YUCK I freaking hate spiders!

Screw that completely LOL hell no.
You come down here mr. Evans and pick that sucker up for me. I ain’t doing it. I’ll shoot it with my 12 gauge first. LOL

Yep they Erik the hell out of me

If that thing got on me I’d probably fall down with a coronary. Call 911 everyone. LOL

I can’t stand the ones the size of a quarter around here for Pete’s sake. LOL

I’m amazed how easy we can detect a spider even from a distance, it must be something hardwired into our brains. Anyway, spiders was one of the reasons I nor longer inspect crawlspace homes, I’ll leave those to you brave guys.

The cool thing JB is spiders hang around on the perimeter foundation wall. That’s where they feed. After the thousands of crawls I’ve done. I can’t remember ever finding a spider within the interior of the crawl.
You can find all kinds of other fugly’s within the interior. But not spiders.

I opened the crawl on a home years ago and shined my light inside. I quit counting at 8 brown recluse spiders in the entrance and quickly put the cover back on. No crawling that day!

Good grief, what a bunch of wimps!

We have three cats here at the house, which will take care of any unwanted pests including but not limited to, spiders, snakes, Turtles, frogs, and anything else that makes the mistake of wandering onto our back patio!

What was that song, I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes, but that’s not what it takes to love me?

Eric you ain’t no good brother LOL!
So! Do you take your pussy’s with you when you do a crawl space inspection?

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No Roy, at 5 eleven 235, I sincerely hope I’m a little tougher than our cats! :slight_smile:

Okay brother Eric. I believe you. Not!
You’re probably doing the same thing I’m doing. I got the Ribeyes on the grill.

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Sort of doing what you are. Going to be throwing some sausage peppers and onions on the grill in a little bit, but in the meantime, drinking a delicious Moscow mule! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Roy!

You too brother Erik

Should have been in myakka doing cable with me I found gators , pygmy rattlers. And even 4 baby hogs once. Kept the days interesting

Snake bother me not at all.
I killed a 5 ft Rattler in a crawl space last year. He did good on the barbie

LOL that’s funny stuff right there!

Can you smell what Eric is cooking!