Dangerous insects encountered during inspections

Hey all,

I’m thinking about getting an article going about stinging insects, disease-carrying rodents, and reptiles encountered during inspections. Special emphasis on spiders and snakes. What are some that you have found? Have you ever been bitten/attacked? How did you evade the predator? I figure inspectors should be able to identify a tarantula from a harmless spider when they enter crawl spaces, for their own safety and that of their clients. Comments?

Black Widows and rattle snakes are common in SoCal. Tarantulas are harmless. . .

Here in So Cal we also get the Brown Recluse spider, nasty little buggers!!


Bees living in the house always get my attention

Here’s a couple. Feel free to use the images for your article.



Black widows are common here in GA. Usually found in the inground water meter box.

We live in FL. WE got everything under the sun here that can and will bite you if given half a chance. This little fella was caught at a Outlet Mall in St. Augustine last month. Some say it was over 10 ft but at least a couple said it was over 15 ft which is a new world record for Eastern Diamond back. I hate snakes.

Me too!

There are no brown recluse in California. We do, however, have the desert recluse, but it’s not as problematic as its cousin the brown recluse.

I stand corrected. Thanks

That snake would not only kill you with it’s venom but break a leg or back when it struck you. Nasty giant creature!! :frowning:

Brown recluse are common in Missouri attics.

I would hate to run across that one during an inspection!

Here is one from Texas!:shock:

Is he using his “Gopher” from WalMart to hang on to that thing!? :stuck_out_tongue: I knew it was used for more than picking up beer cans.

Love running into these mamas…NOT!!!

And really glad that I didnt run into what ever made this nice hole and left bird feathers behind…

Poisonous critters in the crawl space!


I’d buy 10 feet on the snake but you can almost see his tail in the first picture. The second picture is an optical illusion. The guy is a lot further back than it looks. Used to make my fish look bigger the same way. Hold them way out in front of me. Big fish, small Erby. Hey, it was bragging rights at stake.

This one greeted me as I entered the attic access…She was a fat one.

I would be more worried about this kind of spider…