Scam alert < not a real person.

Got the same general scam via Text I love messing with them. They stopped answering me when I told them I already did an inspection on the house for another buyer.

I would refuse to perform an inspection for someone with such poor grammar and spelling, lol

Looks like this scam is still going on. I got contacted by email as follows:

marra hunt <>
Good Day, Am marra hunt,i would like to know if you do Home inspection service and did you accept credit card for the payment ?***

As this email was very strange (obviously got my email from Internachi or my website, which shows I take cc payment), so I Googled the gmail address to see if this was a real person, and the Internachi “scam alert” warning came up 1st page of Google. Glad I checked. So I deleted the email and did not bother to contact the sender.