Scam alert

Got this in my email this am, the nerve of some people, now I am going to have to go out and get an equity line just to get this job.:smiley:

Bill foster <> to me
More options 10:32 pm (8 hours ago)Hello,

  I have  client who wants to purchase a house in Alachua,florida.I want the services of your company to inspect the house.i'm a real estate sales representative in london.I want your company to do the inspection for my client,my client will pay you very well for the services rendered.He has seen a house of his dream in florida but the problem he has is geting a house inspector who he can trust that will give him full details about the house.He has also promised to pay for your flight ticket.My client will be making his payment using Home equity line of credit account no other mode of payment is accepted by him.
He is ready to make the payment as soon as you give me the cost of your services.Get back to me as soon as possible with the cost of your services and your full details of your home equity line of credit account to enable him make the payment into your account.
 I need your home equity line of credit account details / heloc details to enable my client make the down payment into your account .
Thanks for your trust and understanding.I hope to get good services  from your company.My cell phone number is below feel free to call me at your disposal for any clearification or you send me an email.Thanks and God bless.

    Gerry Smith

People will try anything to scam individuals out of their money. I feel sorry for people who fall for it.

Shucks, I’m always willing to help another inspector. You don’t need to “go out and get an equity line”–I’ll be glad to let you use mine.

Just send $500.00 in small, unmarked bills to me at…

Send me some free money too!! Some people will try anything to get into your wallet!!:slight_smile:

I find that cash is the best thing to send to people that I have never met.

Isn’t it amazing? These people are everywhere!

Lets Call Him…all of us!!! Its a free vacation right!! LOL

Bruce, if you give us his e-mail address we can at least fill his inbox with some e-mail and maybe a few choice words of encouragement.:wink: