Scam Alert for Home Inspectors

Wanted let everyone know about a scam that happening out there.
Had a person contact me saying her name was Jane Morrison and buying a home in my home town. She lived in Florida (I live in WA) and she wants me to do a home inspection for the house she’s buying. She mentioned about five times that she was hard of hearing and a very busy woman. So red flags everywhere.
I sent her my pre-inspection document to sign, which she never did.
She sent me a text saying I needed to get the keys to the home (not sure how). Anyway, I was chalking it up to a scam and tried to drop it, but then a Bank of America check showed up in my mail for $1880. Surprise, surprise, I get a text the same day from Jane. So I checked listing on Zillow and it did say, sale pending. So I called the listing agent to see if Jane was the person trying to buy the house. The agent confirmed that is was not. So I called my local police office for a second opinion and they recommended to shred the check. That is when I texted Jane back and told her that I spoke with local police and that I know this is a scam and to not contact me again. Then “Jane” turned ugly and texted me back 6-7 times saying that I am going to die soon and a bunch other threatening comments.
So my advise here is don’t fall for it and don’t even respond to it because it’s a big waste of time. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has come across something similar?

Yes, I got a text message from a man saying he was in the hospital and needed a home inspection. He claimed to be hard of hearing so he could only text. He said he would mail me the keys. I didn’t think the deal sounded right so I called the listing agent who said he had no offers on the home. I call the police and the confirmed it was a scam. I don’t know what the scammers intend to gain but if you smell a rat check it out before you go.

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you cash the fake check and give 50% back in form of paypal or some such… it’s a typical real estate scam, nothing new, been going on for at least a decade.

Thanks for the warning; I’m sure there are others around the Country pulling the same Scam…smh! $1800 for a Home Inspection is a Red Flag to me as well!

“Jane” must be making a lot of money off of this, it’s been going on for several years now.

You probably should have turned the check and envelope over to the postal inspector. Mail fraud is a federal crime with potentially big penalties.


Hey Rodney- I received the same thing from “Jane” same last name. I live in North Carolina. Same MO as well with the no phone calls because she has a disability… she said I should get a check in the mail when we didn’t even discuss the property. Thanks for posting with the heads up. John

Same here - I got the same contact from Jacksonville, FL claiming hard of hearing, etc… it’s been a while. At first, I was excited, because it was to be for a 4,000 sq ft house! But, like with yours, it started smelling fishy. Gotta keep your eyes open!

Been going on for 3-5 yrs now. Turned it in tp PD and RE board several times. They had little interest in it

Yep…wasted my time…They try to hook you by making you give them a price for a complex property with almost no info. Making you waste your time. Only then do they tell you about the “cashiers check”. Then you know it’s a scam…

Several times over a couple of years. So Red flag it was funny after the second time. Cancer in the hospital, blind, bla bla bla. I finally blocked the call number and that was it.