has anyone had scammers email them via the internachi web site …where pp can find a inspector in a area they want .

It’s never happened as far as I know :roll:

Yes, Got 2nd one today. That’s why I was looking on the forum.

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Here’s his or her message:

Good afternoon,

We at ReloOlogy coordinate inspections on behalf of Relocation Companies across the U.S. and Canada. We currently have a residential property in Kekeha, HI that we’re in need of a Home, Sprinkler, Termite, and Septic Inspections on. You may have done business with any number of our competitors over the years (i.e. Fidelity Inspections, RAL, Globespec, or US Inspect). I can tell you that, while e do the same thing they do, we pay you MUCH quicker than they do. In fact, we have a check in the mail within a couple of days of receiving your final report and photos. We would love to get you set up in our network to perform these inspections for us and any future inspections within your service area. I came across your information on the internet. We do have standard reports that we require to be filled out on our website along with photos uploaded/labeled; however, our website is extremely user-friendly and we have received “rave reviews” from our inspectors.

Please let me know if you are or are not interested in working with us. If so, please let me know what your standard relocation fee is for these types of services as well. If you perform multiple types of inspections, you have a great opportunity to make more money per property inspected. Since we have separate reports for each inspection, we pay you for each service and then bill our customer for each service as well. We can iron out the other details once you’ve gotten back to me. Please let me know either way ASAP. I look forward to hearing back from you. Kelly N. Boak Senior Inspection Specialist ReloOlogy Inspection Management Services, LLC Direct #: 215-622-4696 Fax #: 215-717-4587 Website:

Do not answer just delete and ignore . You will get many more over the years .

Does anyone know how to use the “Shift” key on their key board?

Might be why you have been selected to receive these not so bright and obvious scams (which have been around since Al Gore invented the Internet).