Scammers out there

Just a reminder that we all need to look out for people trying to take advantage.

As a new inspector, I try to not turn down very many leads, but I did receive a lead from Inspectorseek that was clearly a scam. He found a FSBO home and started e-mailing me about performing an inspection. Then, in his most recent message, his wife is in the hospital and he can’t leave her side so he wants to send me not only the fee for the inspection, but also additional money for a down payment to pass on to the seller and “additional compensation” for my troubles. I RAN away from that one.

FYI, e-mail address is

He emailed me today. So I Google it and landed here

Hey, he just contacted me, I thought I had him as a client. You all need to stop stealing my inspections…

You’d think they would know we’re on to them by now.

He sent me info today also. Thanks for the heads up.

He must have found the Nachi site and started searching for inspectors; he hit me up too. …I think I’m gonna play with him a little… you guys that have gotten a request from him; where are you at?