Schneider Electric Recalls 1.4M Electric Panels


Note for context:
Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received one report of an incident of a loose wire. No injuries have been reported. This recall was conducted, voluntarily by the company, under CPSC’s Fast Track Recall process. Fast Track recalls are initiated by firms, who commit to work with CPSC to quickly announce the recall and remedy to protect consumers.

Inspection and any resulting repair is free of charge. Consumers who continue to use the load centers while awaiting the free repair should have working smoke alarms in their homes.

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Can you tell me where on the panel I would find the part number to identify it?

Read the recall! It tells you where to find the numbers.

The recalled circuit breaker boxes were manufactured between February 2020 and January 2022, with date codes between 200561 and 220233.

I suspect this will effect thousands of homes constructed in Florida where Square-D has at least 50% market share. Something new for Realtors to flip out over.

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I also posted the info in my first post!

Schnieder will be paying thousands of people to inspect and/or repair these panels. Perhaps HI’s could get paid to inspect?

A big question: if we see such a panel in the field, how do we know if it’s already been inspected and repaired? Is there going to be a sticker or color marker used?

On the store shelf:
“Existing inventory with date codes prior to January 13, 2022 has been validated and is marked with a green dot to indicate compliance with Schneider Electric design and manufacturing standards. Any product marked with a green dot on the carton is excluded from this notice”

I don’t have that answer, but I assume it will be similar to when an HVAC unit gets inspected and repaired… The Serial Number gets removed and replaced with a new number. Since electric panels don’t normally have S#'s, i expect to see an updated Model # with an extension that indicates the Recall status, or the number simply removed and not replaced.

This shows what kind of lawsuit environment we are now living in. There has been Only ONE known issue, and now they’re recalling over a million panels


There is bound to be more to it that made that decision necessary. We only have access to a synopsis of the decision. Wait till you hear the full story (you may have a long wait).


They’re not even releasing the inspection criteria, except to contractors who apply to the program. I’ll bet there’s an NDA involved… and probably binding arbitration.

Thank you Jeffrey for sharing.

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That’s crazy. They’re going to have to go through the supply houses to track down who bought them and where they installed them.

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Now, hint hint, if only some national inspection organization contracted so that members get a payment or bounty for finding such defective panels in the field…

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Just inspected this panel today. Panel was an outdoor service panel. According to the recall “The recalled circuit breaker boxes were manufactured between February 2020 and January 2022, with date codes between 200561 and 220233.
For installed outdoor load centers, the manufacturing date codes are printed on the inside of the cover or door of the unit or on the box itself when the cover or door is open”.

Is this the manufacturing date code? And if so I believe I have ran into the first one of these that falls under the recall correct?

Photo of the inside with the cover removed?

You have to check the model number, not just the date code.
It’s only plug on neutral models I seem to recall.

QO112L100PGC CQO112M100PC CQO112M30PC
CQO116M100PC CQO116M100PRB CQO116M30PC
CQO132M100PC CQO132M100PCD CQO132M125PC
CQO132M150PC CQO132M200PC CQO132M60PC
CQO140L200PGRB CQO140M100PC CQO140M125PC
CQO140M150PC CQO140M200PC CQO140M200PCD
CQO160L225PGC CQO160M100PC CQO160M125PC
CQO160M150PC CQO160M200PC CQO160M225PC
QO112L125KPCA QO112L125PG QO112L125PGC
QO112L125PGRB QO112L125PWG QO112L125VPCA
QO112L200PG QO112L200PGRB QO112M100P
QO112M100PC QO112M100PRB QO116L125PG
QO116L125PGRB QO116M100P QO116M100PC
QO116M100PRB QO120L125PG QO120L125PGC
QO120L125PWG QO120M100P QO120M100PC
QO120M100PRB QO120M150P QO120M150PRB
QO120M200P QO120M200PRB QO124L125PG
QO124L125PQG QO124L125PQGCVP QO124L200PG
QO124M100P QO124M100PC QO124M100PCVP
QO124M100PRB QO124M125P QO124M125PRB
QO124M150P QO124M200P QO124M200PWG125
QO130L125PG QO130L125PQG QO130L150PG
QO130L200PG QO130L200PGC QO130L200PGRB
QO130L200PQG QO130L200PWG QO130M150P
QO130M150PC QO130M150PRB QO130M200P
QO130M200PC QO130M200PQ QO130M200PRB
QO132L125PG QO132M100P QO132M100PCVP
QO132M125P QO132M150P QO140L200PG
QO140L200PGRB QO140L225PG QO140M200P
QO140M200PC QO140M200PCBE QO140M200PRB
QO140M200PT2 QO140M225P QO142L225PG
QO142L225PGC QO142L225PGCVP QP60200
QO142L225PGRB QO142L225PQG QO142M150PC
QO142M200P QO142M200PC QO142M200PCAFVP
QO142M200PCVP QO142M200PQ QO142M200PQCVP
QO142M200PRB QO142M225P QO142M225PRB
QO142MQ200PQ QO154L225PG QO154L225PGC
QO154L225PGMF QO154L225PQG QO154M200P
QO154M200PC QO154M200PQ QO160M200PC
QO1816M200PFTRB QO816L100PRB QOGP3P3036P
QOGP3P6036P QOGP3P604436100P QOGP3P604436125P
QOGP3P604436150P QOGP3P604436200P QON112L125PI
QON112L200PI QON120L125PI QON124L200PDL
QON124L200PI QON130L200PDL QON130L200PI
QON142L225PI QON154L225P QON160L225P
QP24100 QP32100 QP40200
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That appears to be a Plug On Neutral panel, but with pigtail breakers.
There should be a model number somewhere under the cover.

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Here’s what a repaired unit sticker looks like:


It’s a screw torque thing, so should be fixable in place in most cases.
Apparently the machine that applied the torque in the factory was misadjusted.

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