Scorch Marks on Tankless Water Heater

Yesterday I spotted this tankless water heater with scorching above the pilot lighting hole. This wasn’t for an inspection, so I had no tools and couldn’t open it up. Could all of that scorching come from simply lighting the pilot, or does it look like there’s a more serious drafting issue going on?


Yes I agree …It needs service
It looks like a lot of dust on the air inlet?
Roy Cooke

Roll out scorching is more yellow looking (as it is hotter). The black color indicates a low oxidized flame, what would be expected from a lighting device.

I would venture a guess that it is from lighting the pilot with an improper lighter.

Did you feel any back drafting?

It wasn’t operating. Ernesto knocked out power to this cabin earlier this week.

I’m with David on this one.

You mean the paper towel I stick in the cars cigarette lighter isn’t proper to light the pilot? :mrgreen:


Jeff, I used to go to school in Waynesboro when I lived in Galax at about age 11. Very cool!

Are those green garden hoses going into the bottom of this unit?

Dave gets my vote!