Stains on tankless water heater.

Any ideas why this tankless water heater is stained. Los Angeles. Side question, why does this soft ware rotate my photos sideways and how do I prevent it? The photos are sideways when I uploaded them.

Condensation from night temperatures?

Only guessing.

looks like rust from that metal grill from Ohio…

Might be that it is not made for the exterior.

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it’s those picky little details that kill deals Partner…

Water runnin of the friggin’ roof! My God what questions.
The cat pissed on it! Who knows! Wow!:smiley:
Learn to at the minimum properly align the images…OK?

Cat must be on steroids to piss that high Roy. :mrgreen:

can’t tell from pic
possibly good call…keep looking
if improper venting is causing condensate spillage out the vent (highly acidic) the heat exchanger may be short lived advise tech verify unit is combusting & venting properly
i pull the covers on all tankless to assure visible components are properly installed & curiosity should be addressed on site, pix of inside could add needed info to assess online

fyi: unit is labeled OD = outdoor

OD, then that brings us back to possible condensation of interior components. No?

Don’t see a condensation drain line… check installation requirements. Every unit I ever installed/or inspected requires a drain line.

Also no drip leg on gas line… TPR pipe missing… appliance cord used as permanent wiring… all of the copper is black… is the irrigation system spraying the unit/area? Shoot gotta get back to my inspection

not much inside an outdoor unit
remove the fresh air intake, combustion air exhaust (flue)
my exp, tankless condensate spillage can often indicate improper fuel combustion
numerous causes of that