Scorch marks

I have seen several heat pumps lately with scorch marks around the suction line where it enters the air handler. In one case the grommet was burned as well. What causes these scorch marks?

In all cases I have recommended an HVAC specialist.

Jim Campbell
Orion Home Inspection

Bad torchwork by the installer when brazing the refrigerant lines

You should asked your question before you send your report you are providing a good laugh for some HVAC tech as was stated some guy with a torch that would have been better off if he had stayed home that day

Thanks guys. Had another one today, so I’ll save the embarrassment this time.


Good thoughts

Realize soldering HVAC piping requires about 900 degrees more heat to flow the type solder used.

No reason to scorch the equipment though. Poor workmanship.

If it is just a little burn, I bet you couldn’t do better. If it’s excessive, installer didn’t give a ****.

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