Scorched Electrical outlet

Would someone know how this happened?, all outlets were grounded and the electrical panel was in good condition, fairly new, thanks in advance.

There were more outlets like this one, I would say like 10

Maybe an air freshener or an over wattage nightlight.

I don’t think so, there were like 10 outlets like this, something else happened here but I don’t have an explanation for the buyer.

Don’t offer a theory. Document what you know to be true and accurate. Advise the client to have a thorough diagnostic inspection performed by a qualified, licensed electrician.

FWIW: I’m with Larry. I think the scorching was likely caused by what was plugged into the outlet, but I’m sure as hell not going out on that limb in a home inspection.


The thought of it being a nightlight is a very good guess, the burn marks seem to be the same distances away from the prong inserts each way according to how they would have rotated the light. I don’t see how the top edge of the cover plate could have melted and burned before the center area of the cover plate if it was overheating wiring or outlets

1: Year of build.
2: Panel enclosure type.
3: Explain the conductors. Grounding conductor? NM or/and Armored? Type of insulator?

Personally, if I saw scorching and burns above every receptacle I would have pulled several receptacle covers. Hypothesis, boot leg ground.
As well, I stopped using 3 bulb testers long ago. Now I use a Extech C80 circuit load tester. Just ordered Ideal SureTest® Circuit Analyzer.
InterNACHI Inspector Outlet has the best price bar none I find.

Had a night light did that one time. Kids put the spare oven light bulb in it, same base wrong wattage. But as Chuck said you don’t have to diagnose, just report it as scorches from plugged in device.

Noel if you are new - write that down. It will save you a lot of heartache. Did I say write it down?

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Thank you all for the responses, I will tell them to hire an electrical contractor to do a more thorough and invasive inspection of the electrical system.

You are totally out of your mind.
That is very bad advice.
Noel ! Don’t do as shit for brains suggested…

What is your advice in this case, here is another outlet with the same issue.

Call the ghostbusters! The house you’re posting pics of will need a lot more than mere electrician.

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Ask the homeowner if he whats to buy any night lights from you!:crazy_face:

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That was Not Chuck’s advice. See Roy you are just a hater.

Not a hater. I just despise you!

Id suggest mental evaluation of current homeowner also :joy: , if it burned in one spot why the hell would you keep rotating it

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And I thought that Internachi forum was a serious thing, the matter is no one of you have the remote idea of what happened at this electrical system and make fun of it, just disappointed that’s all…

The more or less bulb-shaped burns look like just that, but from what I can tell the distances from the slots aren’t uniform. Maybe the owner plugged night lights or space heaters into cube taps. Too bad the owner wasn’t there to explain what caused the burns. Please report back what you find out, if anything. It’s quite a puzzle.

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[quote=“ncabale2, post:18, topic:157339”]

Electrical system?
No one has an even remote idea?
What planet did you come from & need to go back to.