Scratch your head on this one????

Two furnaces setting sideXside within a finished basement closet, 4 finished levels including the attic. Two split system A/C units outsides and just one thermostat. How much time would one spend looking for the second thermostat;-) </IMG>

Hi Charley,

was there a second stat? there is no reason 1 stat couldn’t be controlling 2 systems, it would work like crap, but it would work… Kinda



In a 4 level place? That’s crazy. There’s almost a 10 degree difference the 2 levels in my place. I can’t imagine in a 4 level. I wish I had 2 thermostats!

Hello Your self; no Gerry just one stat, set up on a two stage kinda of surprised me I had not looked at the furnaces before I turned on the upstairs stat walked out side to see which unit had fired off so I could identify up and down for the report and walah both units were running. No not the best design but we don’t design we just operate.