Screened price - egress doors

Inpected a house with a screened in porch that contained a pool. Are the doors on the screened in porch required to meet fire exit door standards, operable by anyone without special tools? And if so would that not allow a child to enter the pool area in an unsafe manner?

Egress paths must lead directly to the exterior, without passing through other “rooms”. IMO, the porch with doors requiring “special knowledge or tools” is not allowed as an egress path.

Agreed, but what is the solution? An easy access door let’s kids into the pool, and the attendant dangers…

The obvious solution is a door lock that opens from <54in inside, but >54in outside. Never seen one of those…

As I see maybe one pool in Minnesota a year, I can’t help you with that, and as an inspector, it’s not my place to offer Rx to problems anyway.

BUT… I would post this in the FLORIDA section for a better chance at a realistic solution.

The screen enclosure doors should have high handles so children can’t reach, they should open outward and have self closing devices which automatically latch. Entry doors from the house to the pool area should have alarms to alert adults if a child opens a door.

Sam, but how does a child exit in a fire emergency situation?

I didn’t make the requirements, just telling you my understanding of them. At least they are outside if they are in the pool area. Part of fire safety is education, all families should have a plan, perhaps a knife placed near the door to cut the screen in an emergency. I put fire safety tips in every report and recommend annual review with family members.

I am not getting this whole conversation. Are we talking about “means of egress”, “emergency escape and rescue”, or “swimming pool barriers”. They’re all different you know.