Screw Identification

Could you identify this screw?

Looks like a spax ledger screw… why didn’t you take a closer pic and identify it yourself?

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Looks like a torque screw.

Brutal :joy:. .

Torques bit screw, it looks a little random to be there by itself and not in a vertical line with others, but I feel that is a good choice of screw for ledger boards if it is long enough

but honest?

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Sincerely appreciate the insight, Joshua. That is what I was leaning towards. Had I had the opportunity to take a closer photograph I would have. This wasn’t a photograph I had taken, nor was I at the property. It was for a friend who had just sent this over to me asking if it was alright. I was hoping you nice and helpful group of InterNachi members could offer an insightful, respectful, 2nd opinion, in addition to my own as to the specific screw.

Appreciate the insight.

It’s a 7 x 30 RSS Torx head GRK structural ledger board screw.

The screw pattern is shown here.

Thanks! Should have known it was GRK, I’ve got a few laying around. Really appreciate you digging up the link Marcel.

I think he meant a Torx screw :wink:.

I failed the spelling test also

:+1: 7x130 - Good call.

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it was overdriven looking at Chuck’s blowup

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Yes, that was my first response to his text, overdriven.


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Yes I did.

It’s what is called a ‘structural screw’. These are now marketed as ‘stroner that the old-fasioned’ ‘lag bolts’. They come in long lengths are easier to drive than lag bolts. They work great on decks and other applications.

Looks like a cabinet screw

Similar, but not the same.

Construction Lag Star Drive Screws