Screw in the cooper pipe of the boiler???

Is it possible a Plumber/HVAC tech put a hole in the copper pipe of the boiler system and then used the screw to plug the hole?

If so what would they be checking?

I don’t feel comfortable with holes in the plumbing…

Kristie & Derek 126.JPG

Kristie & Derek 126.JPG

Not the way I would do it I expect this was to let the air out .

Suspect Roy is correct about the air bleed if so its improper. Recommend a standard air bleed be installed

I would say a do it your self bleed, repair needed shouldn’t be a big deal to fix , did you see any other bleeders? i wondering why one there. perhaps they were going to install a gauge and forgot

could be an attempted fix by the homeowner. I can’t see any plumber doing this …but could depend on how many pops he had that day! :wink:

Wayne, I did see one auto air vent but it was all corroded.

Thank you all for your help.

I don’t see a lot of boilers. Most home in my area have gas hi eff. forced air.

Mike probably wasn’t working if it was corroded