how would you write this up?

what do you make of this?
thanks for your feedback.
if this is a humidifier its like none i have seen,

I guess they ran out of cooper too, figured they would use black electrical tape and a garden hose to finish up the job.

279 hoch st 049.JPG

That would be a example of a BAD drain for an A/C condensate drip pan!!

after looking at it again and following the garden hose, I would agree with you.



I guess, there is not too many AC where you inspect;)?

nop not to often there is a need for the AC!

its just really nice when it warms up.

Do not forget to write up the Water Heater flue as a Carbon monoxide danger .
I will let someone chime in on that issue .

(clue) position.

Water heater flue should be above furnace.

American ingenuity. Or Mexican standard practice. :mrgreen: