Scuttle access light!!

This light at the attic access was a real brainier.

I just used the light to illuminate the attic and kept my flashlight on my belt.:shock:

I have an idea that I would enjoy playing. Kinda like Inspector hold em!

You would post photos from the same homes electrical system that was inspected. For instance this photo was from a home that I have at least 20 photos of defects.

The inspector that posts the most defects from the same home they inspected would win.

Other inspectors and a moderate could vote on the worst electrical system.

What’s wrong with the covered globe fixture in the attic?

Sure beats the unprotected keyless right at the top of the stairs/opening that when bumped will shatter and cause lacerations and a shock.

Been there more than once.

Just an example of what I’m talking about and about all we see installed around here.

Look again, that fixture is not IN the attic, it is mounted to the OUTSIDE of the scuttle cover.

I could easily beat you with yesterdays wonder home…I found this and thank god it only hurt a bit…exactly where you put your hand climbing into attic was this wonderful surprise…

oh and any guess on what gauge wire that is!!!



#6-3 romax cable sometime larger if used to run to subfeed box ]

Merci, Marc

Nice place to put a range.

I find it quite often here, especially in certain neighborhoods.

Barry I like the ones that are not mounted ridgid they don’t break when you bump into them:D The switch is mobile also fed with an extension cord through the door jam;-)

I seem to remember a Joseph Hagarty picture from a few years ago in which a recessed light was mounted in a set of pull down attic stairs. I can’t seem to scare up that picture, but maybe somebody remembers what thread it was posted in.

A few years ago means it is probably located on the old forum.

Edit: Found it on the old forum

Soooo, assuming that the wiring was done properly (I know, BIG assumption), is there really anything wrong with it?

I would say yes. For example the wiring to the scuttle cover is going to be moved and can be damaged.

I guess I was thinking more about the disappearing stair picture immediately above, rather than the removable scuttle hole cover.