Scuttle hole door painted shut

Do you cut your way in to inspect?

I would ! … That is why I carry a good utility knife.

Cutting your way in could be considered to be “invasive”, but if you can do it in a manner that will not damage anything, go for it…

I do the same as Roy.

Thanks, going in!

I do if I’m able to neatly. I do not want anyone complaining about me breaking wood or trim so I do it very carefully. I take a before and after picture too.

Terry Finklea OH Licensed Inspector 2019004348

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Hi, Terry Finklea. Happy to see you back on the MB!
I concur. Easy with the knife or blade.

I concur with, Joseph, Roy, Michael and will add… When/If the attic or other hatch door still refuses to open successfully by normal means, A: ask the vendors agent or homeowner to open the hatch for you. 2: Sign a waiver that you can force open the hatch BUT if any damages arise to the hatch, or any component, you will be held harmless for repairs. Explain, a component behind the hatch requires at the very least a visual assessment. We can do it now or I can return for an added fee to do it when the hatch can be opened successfully under normal means.
Just my 2 cents.

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