Sealant on Breakers

I recently did a re-inspect for a client. In the initial report, I recommended the main panel to be reviewed and repaired by a professional due to signs of rust and other issues. This panel was underwater during Hurricane Katrina 4 yrs ago. At the re-inspect, the breakers were not replaced, but had a black sealant of some kind on the rusting areas. I’ve never seen anything like this in a panel. Just wanted to get some thoughts.

See it all the time. I can’t believe though if these were underwater they were not replaced. Did many houses here in FL panhandle after Ivan and Dennis that had been underwater and all of the receptacles, fixtures, etc. were turned to garbage on the insides, including the NM cables (paper core acts like a wick). BTW I am from Gulfport.
Oh yeah, there are several preservatives to guard against oxidation of connections. Wander over to the electrical supply section at the home centers and look at all the “stuff” they carry. It is an education for free.

Looks like it’s Noalox type of anti-oxidation goop.


All of that equipment should have been replaced.

Here is a good read from NEMA on water damaged electrical equipment. Check the NEMA site for more.

I agree with Jim on this 100%…the products reliablility it now in question and should be replaced.