Corrosion or Insulation

I saw this an inspection today and was wondering if this may be corrosion of a type of insulation for the breakers? I saw this on each of the breakers. The electrical panel is a Gould Electrical Panel.

Thanks in advance


Breakers look good to me and plastic does not corrode so I would say it is probably some sheet rock mud…really not sure but I dont see a problem with it.

What it seemed like to me, too…drywall dust or mud.


lol…Left over CRACK DUST?

Well, we did get a snowstorm yesterday…

Thank you all for your thoughts on this one.

I appreciate it.



To me it appears to be the white insulating material that’s used inside of the CB breaking down. In the first photo the CB at the top has a smooth white surface, the CB below it has a cascading white powder that looks like it deteriorated from the top. The white surface in the lower CB does not appear to be smooth to the top edge like in the upper CB.