Sealed areas

The house was built in 1948.

Home previously had a septic.

Gas heat.

There was a sealed area at the floor and also a device on what appeared to be a floor drain.

Any ideas of what lies below the sealed area. It was hollow when walked on?
Any ideas what the attachment is to the floor drain?

My thoughts are:
Bomb shelter
Old drain crock

But I really dont know and why I am posting.

129708 053 (Small).jpg

129708 052 (Small).jpg

Was there a sump?
I have seen these where owners had problems with backup.

They may have simply wanted to block the drain.

No sump.

They have had the exterior drainage updated in the last 3-7 years.

How would you call out these areas?

I advised inquiring with current owner on history and application.


OHIO…, Cistern?

That is a possability.

I wanted to open it up!!

the object in the Drain appears to be an expandable drain plug David…I could only guess to keep out sewer gas but more likely to stop back up …not a good sign i think…I can’t tell about the covered area…anything in sellers disclosure???

I agree with Robert. Looks like an old sump pit.

The covered hole in the floor is where the original coal furnace used to be; a newer or first concrete floor was poured around it. It has since been replaced with a gas furnace (in back ground) the hole in floor was never properly cemented shut, just covered up! The “Plumbers Plug” is used to pressure test new drain systems and also used to prevent frequent sewer back-up’s, while eliminating your basement drainage system in case of a plumbing bust!

It’s where the hide the bodies of buyer’s inspectors that they don’t like!