Anyone seen this type of hole before?


It is in a 1932 home with the diameter being appox 16" x 10" in depth . Located in the basement next to the water shutoff to the house, in the corner of 2 exterior walls,. and has a drain plug inserted what looks to be some sort of pipe. Trying to determine exactly what it is,and what would be the proper way to write it up under structural, plumbing, or both, and what to sugest.

I have my own inclinations of couse but like to know if i’m on the correct path.

Thank you and much appeciated for ANY help on this

Old sump pump hole.

@rlewis5 Please explain. It does have exposed earth around the plugged drain. I was thinking it was access to an old septic system perhaps.

It was just my assumption


@rlewis5 Truthfully, that thought had crossed my mind, but to put the drain in first, cover it in earth, then to just plug the hole? If so, why wouldn’t they just fill it all in then seal it with concrete instead of leaving it like that? Curious

@rlewis5 There were extremely bad floods here (Iowa) in 2008. Thought they might of bored this hole to release some of the water pressure as the waters were receeding from the homes to not create a cave in from the exteral water saturated earth surrounding the home?

In a world of infinite possibilities anything is possible.

:laughing: True

Being in Iowa why you up so early?

finishing up a Report for today

I remember doing the same thing .

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