Search continues for missing king cobra near Orlando


ORLANDO — Wildlife officials and snake handlers are still searching for an 8-foot-long king cobra that escaped from its owner’s Orlando area home.

The snake’s owner reported it missing Wednesday and told wildlife officials it could have escaped sometime in the previous 24 hours.

The owner has not been identified but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said he had the proper permit to keep the snake.

On Friday, the search continued in the area where the snake lived. Students at Clarcona Elementary School were being kept inside as a precaution.

Wildlife officials say no one should approach or try to capture the snake. Instead they urge people to call wildlife officers.

The person had another snake get loose several years ago. It was in the neighbors garage. The neighbor was interviewed on the radio.

I hope I don’t have to go to the area before they find it.

I’m tellin’ ya!
Complete story with videos.


I hope they find it before our next race in November at Disney! That might make for an interesting run…:mrgreen:

Speaking of which, the ride should be nice in the new Durango!

Too bad they don’t come with the HC HEMI!

Nice Ride!:cool: