Searching local codes / duplex questions

I have an inspection on Thursday, duplex - finished basement (possibly converted from single family home to a duplex) built in 1965. My clients had their “contractor friend” walk through with them and he said that there was some settlement in the foundation and that the foundation might have been poured without rebar. My clients asked me about this and asked if there was a way to determine if there was.

  1. How do i find out what requirements were back in 65? Or how do I determine the rebar question?
  2. If this was a single family home and they converted the basement into an apartment, is there anything specific I should look for?

​1300 E St in South Anchorage, Anchorage

$426,100 | 4 bd • 3 ba

See details at:


Here’s the link to the duplex for visual reference.

Not your job , but this will find rebar…

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Haha I told them the only way to determine if there was is if I had a metal detector amlnd bit was beyond what I can do but I’ll try to find some information for them.
Have you ever used that tool? That looks like I’m going to get sued using it lol.

I use the cheapie one works just fine.

Jacob, refer it out to a qualified contractor…preferably their “contractor friend” and maybe he will learn to keep his mouth shut. LOL!

Seriously, did you see any evidence of foundation settlement?

If so, report it and refer it out and be happy on the way to the bank. :smile:

I would be concerned about the means of egress in the basement, or lack of, especially if the basement is a separate living area (duplex).

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I did notice that from the pictures.

Haven’t done the inspection yet.

Maybe I’ll check it out.

Basement unit bedrooms do not seem to have proper Egress windows.
They can research the re-bar concerns when they cut into the walls to install the egress wells!!