Anyone seen this before?

House is from 1968, The sill is only a 2x4 all the way around the foundation. No anchor bolts. There are gaps at the tops of every basement window because the window frames don’t extend out to the inside edge of the 2x4 sill.

I must admit I’m not entirely sure how to comment and what emphasis to put on it. Balloon framing wouldn’t have any anchor bolts so their absence may not lead to any problems, but I would think platform framing in 68 would have required them.

Send it to a structural engineer? framing contractor? mention it at all? I haven’t come across this ever.

I just check my Residential Code of NYS which is virtually identical to the IRC and paraphrasing R404.3 Wood Sill - Wood sill plates must be a minimum of 2"x4" nominal lumber. Sill plate anchorage shall be in accordance, blah, blah , blah! I would believe in 1968 anchorage was probably hit and miss. I would say sill plate no problem. Anchorage no problem for 44 years but maybe mention it.

I concur.