Advise Me Here

Ok I inspected a house built in 1976 today, have a few questions and wanting some feedback
Here is some of what I found. 2 water heaters, 1 was in the garage, other was in a closet of home off hallway in a condensate pan but pan drain went nowhere back into pan! Also no extension on TPR, this water heater was short dimensionally never seen one before.
Next issue was in crawlspace regarding masonry columns for floor support, there didn’t seem to be enough although no floor sag on main joists, shimming seemed suspect as well, foam board on foundation wall deteriorated and in bad shape, duct work very old and insulation in bad shape, no complete vapor retarder coverage on floor. Electrical, GFCI circuit breakers did not have any power, panel literally held on by 1 screw, 300 amp service, no outdoor receptacles had power. What would you do here specifically with regards to crawl space issues?

Jason you are all over the place.One at a time.

Your description is your comments.

You are there to call out-not rebuild…:slight_smile:

You basically said it.

I agree with Chris. You said all there is to say. Now just figure out how to say it lucidly in your report.

What is enough support? There are tables and graphs available that lay out requirements for type, thickness, and spacing, if you want to get that technical.

Thank you for asking these questions.
Pictures would help.


Sounds like you found some common deficiencies in that home. Now report them.

I like to report my observation, the ramifications of the problem if not obvious, and my recommendation.