Second Opinion

This is an unfinished basement on a 100 year old home. Seller says tree roots pushed at wall and he has had the tree removed 7 years ago. He says that it has not gotten any worse in that time. We had significant rain last night with no standing water, just mud residue from the past on the floor. I already recommended a structural engineer but wanted to get some opinions to make sure I’m not overreacting. Thanks for any input.

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Anytime I see a horizontal crack in a foundation wall I call for an engineer. The hydraulic pressure from the ground water can collapse the wall. That would be ugly.

I have never seen a 100 year old wall that was block or poured concrete.
In our area all walls I have seen of this age have been what we call rubble stone .
I wonder could the concrete and blocks been added at a later date ?
… Cookie

The floor looks wet to me! Cracks in walls, significant stains on walls, etc. etc. I rarely take what a seller tells me as anything other than information. Unless he knows what the hell he is talking about (even then it is doubtful) I would not put too much stock in his assessement of the conditions I see in the photo. The wall has already been breached and has evidence of a lot of leaking. Does not matter whether he had the tree stumps/roots removed. I find it hard to believe someone would leave old mud on the floor for seven years, especially if they are trying to sell the place.


Some of the sellers I run into have the forethought to at least paint the mud. :roll:

I agree with Doug…the damage is done…it is what it is…definately belongs in the report, calling for an SE.

Missing mortar, horizontal cracks, step cracking, soil wash out, lack of weeping tiles or failure if ever installed. The wall needs to be rebuilt. Why even bother with a structural engineer.

It doesn’t need “evaluation” by an engineer, it needs to be “repaired” by a contractor.