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if you choose, click FORUMS, click Foundation Systems Forum and then
scroll down `n click TOPIC Cinder Block Wall Cracking…

See Photos, see cracks in basment wall

Now, here are some of the Hm Inpsectors thoughts/ideas/beliefs

  1. one inspector asks… ‘what caused the water in basement’? Then talks
    about possibility of the grade being the problem and then the possibility
    of the downspouts being the problem. WRONG answers!

This is part of what sellers/buyers are being told, its freakin` WRONG!
Jesus Kristmas!

  1. another chirps in, is curious about water table, then says
    Waterproofing cracks is EASY!!! Says to inject cracks on INSIDE…
    hey, this is a BLOCK WALL here, hello!!! UN-believable NONSENSE.

  2. another chimes in, says advise given so far is ‘sound’. Okie dokie

  3. potential buyer posts back n states the grade slopes away,downspouts direct water away blah blah blah and talks about noticeable 'black coating' and assumes this wall or part of wall was waterproofed. It may be someone only damproofed part of wall, didnt
    use hydraulic cement and din`t backfill w/all peastone/gravel. Or
    someone dug down 1-2’ and applied some tar/asphalt,not going to
    ‘waterproof’ entire depth of cracks or wall.

Run a dang hose on outside, right up against the wall, let water run
up to an hour if one has to, you`ll find out if it leaks.

If these cracks were not waterproofed and wall wasn`t backfilled with
gravel then THATS WHY the sucker leaks…CRACKS!!! Raising the grade,
extending the downspouts,patching the cracks on inside or injecting them
does NOT solve the problem(s)…CRACKS on the outside, sheesh!

—Next TOPIC, Basement Foundation Waterproofing Repair

Client had INSIDE of walls sprayed w/ silicone sealant $10,000…
Rains came and it leaks, company who blcccht`d HO comes back
2 more times to apply more garbage on inside, etc.

common sense comments from most other HI`s but the first witht he
client says…‘for the price of waterproofing repairs, they could have had a
new driveway that would have PREVENTED the moisture issues’.
…another WRONG ANSWER!

Last guy says/assumes… ‘problem could have been solved quite well by
using CWM’ one brand being Xypex. W t ??? How is applying these
products on inside of walls defining HOW-WHERE water is FIRST entering.
Most often its because of cracks on outside of block wall,openings into
house around/above the grade, bsmt windows/open mortar joints etc.
Applying this crap doesnt DEFINE the problem(s) and wont repair `em.

Back to driveway…
If the problem/leakge was due to cracks/other openings in the wall then
THATS what needs to be repaired, not the stupid driveway.

If the problem/leakage was due to a blockage in the lateral-line or
blockage in tile that empties into a sump pit then THATS what needs to
be repaired/snaked-correctly. New driveway isn`t going to solve these
potential problems either.

Its NOT about the stupid GRADE, its NOT about the stupid downspouts
not being long enough, its NOT the stupid driveway!!! Please QUIT
with all these MYTHS. Got MILK?

Damn, that is funny Mark…:lol:

It’s a common phenom in HI bulletin boards. Sight recognition of a problem from one blurry and dark photo followed by more BS put out than a Russian radio station. Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic while it sinks.


another MYTH ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](*,)

this crap goes on n onn on, a continuance of misinformation

looks like 4th Q and A

HO has block wall, prior-owner painted block walls, gets water in bsmt.

answer in-part says… ‘i doubt that the paint is a waterproofing coating.If
it were you`d have NO Leakage’. what the!!!

On and on and on and on and on and on! PAINTING inside bsmt walls
cannot, does SNOT, will never stop/prevent water-moisture that enters on
outside, through-cracks and other openings. Won`t stop/prevent
mold,efflorescence or insects from entering either…dammmitttt! :mrgreen:

-Foundations CRACKS provide HIDDEN Entry-Points for the beloved Termite
-Points of entry


“Experts agree on one thing: if you`ve got mold you need to get rid of
it.MORE importantly, you need to eliminate the CAUSE”

“Find the moisture, ELIMINATE the moisture, clean up the mold”

“LOCATE and fix leaks immediately”

“Cleaning up the mold is not enough. You MUST FIND the WATER SOURCE
and eliminate it”

Got MILK? :-k

F Mac, Stevie Nicks…got milk? would you?

Oh…Stevie, if you have a leaky crack, i will seal it up fer ya sweety!

Ann and Nancy too…