Secondary Water Resistance SWR Yes or No

Performed a wind mitigation where the roof has 15lb felt under shingles. Owner just had a metal roof put on over the shingles. The roofer put down a synthetic underlayment called Summit 60 on top of the shingles and then placed the metal roofing on top. FBC says nothing about this type of installation being SWR. I marked no SWR on the wind mitigation report. Roofer told the home owner that he would get credit for SWR. Any thoughts would be appriciated.

Wind mitigation form states “Self-adhering polymer modified-bitumen roofing underlayment applied directly to the sheathing…”. Doesn’t sound like it meets that definition to me.

The form is quite specific on this. As I stated in another thread, the building code is in direct conflict with the swr requirement on the form.
How do we know it is 15 lb felt under the shingles, if the new underlayment was placed over the shingles?
Then, is adding a metal roof over shingles compliant with the manufacturers installation instructions?

And, is the installation of the Summit 60 underlayment compliant?
Summit 60