Wind Mitigation Inspection SWR proof

When pulling up permit records on the roof for a recent wind mitigation inspection I noticed that ASTM D1970 was listed in the permit description. ASTM D1970 being the minimum requirement for self-adhering polymer-modified bituminous sheet underlayment. Could I cite ASTM D1970 and the permit description as proof for existence of an SWR? Not sure if ASTM standards are acceptable for SWR proof?

Additionally, when checking roof deck attachment I measured a shiner to be 1 1/2" with a 1/2" roof deck. So a 6d. However there have noticeably been previous wind mitigation inspections at this home and a previous inspector wrote 8d. 6D would be the correct choice here. agreed?

Looks like its 1.75" on the nail, so 8D.
As far as SWR, they typically want a pic. I use a flashlight and get a pic of the light shining off the glue at a joint.
I also use my ruler and get a pic of it stuck to the glue


I gotcha, thanks. With how low of a slope this roof had I was not able to enter it fully and could only get a good look at the underlayment at the ridge venting. As for the black strip in the pic below, I can’t tell if it is the shingle or the underlayment. I wouldn’t expect to see a shingle as thick as what is pictured. Would you know any better than me of what it is?

Looks like a shingle to me, but hard to tell