Secondary Water Resistance

Wind Mitigation Form
8. Secondary Water Resistance

I am 99% certain that 2 layers of 15# felt doesn’t meet this requirement, but thought I would post this just to make sure.

Do you agree?

I concur

"Self adhering polymer modified bitumen roofing underlayment applied directly to the sheathing or foam adhesive SWR barrier (not foamed on insulation) applied as a secondary means to protect the dwelling from water intrusion."

Yes. It’s not peel and stick, so it’s not swr.

you are correct that it does not meet the requirements - Nor does a hot mop under tile

Nor does peel and stick on top of tintagged felt or just on the seams of the wood.

Only what is said on the form.

Where does it say that seam sealed does not qualify?

The plywood would not be covered then. Nowhere does it say on the form that covering the seams only is sufficient as far as I know. Wood is not waterproof.
I have been wrong before and I have yet to pay to hear anyone else’s opinion on the matter. Have you seen it say somewhere that is acceptable. With the foam underneath it is like super gluing the deck to the trusses. It would not seem right that taping the seams would result in the same discount.

I believe John is right. I’ve taken two differant courses that pointed out that seam sealing is acceptable. Also the foaming is meant more to seal the seams than for hold down. I see glue and adhiesive caulk for uplift resistance around here.

If anyone has answers please post them.

The three manuals I have say it is good. Some even use concrete(ie, condo) as SWR. The five classes I took all said the same, modified bitumen peel and stick tape(4") is good. I even built a home with it on the decking.

Good enough for me. Thanks for sharing.

John, am I correct in saying that this SWR does NOT apply to Townhomes and condominiums since they are excluded from the definition of site built single family residences? Also low sloped or built up roofs are excluded from these mitigation requirements?

peel and stick on seems applied directly to deck(thats key), or, foamseal… end of discussion

I write 1802s on townhomes and condos all the time. I agree that a low slope roof with modified bit would just be two layers of roofing, not secondary. One could argue the same with at tile roof. The underlayment is a primary. I have not seen these written anywhere that I can remember.

Oh, I believe, cement and clay tile roofs are also exempt from the requirement.

Here is what I found online…

Meeker asked for it in writting.

I wouldn’t cite this in regards to an 1802 inspection. See definition on the form. Contractors have mitigation requirements for our ce’s, they often dont apply to 1802. Be careful mixing code and insurance/1802. I would only cite insurance carrier endorsed reference, ie; Bill york, Inspection Depot.

That’s a very good point Dennis. Guess it’s best not to read more into the form than what is there. Thanks.


Most of the carriers that we are dealing with want proof of peel and stick, underdeck adhesive spray and will not accept 30#/90# hot mop as secondary. We do however has sever clients with USAA and they have allowed secondary with 30#/90# hot mop.

evidence of the swr if what the issue can be and have asked homeowners to provide contract or receipt showing the installation. Carriers have accepted these as we obviously cant see the top of the deck.