SWR ( Secondary Water Resistance )

Trying to figure out whats the best way to determine if the SWR barrier is on a roof. I cannot visually see anything in the attic. Do you lift anything on the eaves section ? Whats the consensus on this ? Or do we just go on paperwork alone ?

Well that is a tough one for sure and we rarely get a straight answer. Some say that is must be like it is stated on the form which will never be in Dade or Broward and some say if new home is up to code it gets it.

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So I guess just go by the paperwork if the client has it ?

On a house built to the FBC in Miami with no attic access, what are you going to mark for the nailing pattern and roof to wall connections


Just be a nice guy and send him Roberts number :slight_smile:
That is 1 of 2 who I call with questions.

But Mike - But you did not answer the question

Good idea if you want to really confuse the guy with a question.

When measure the sheathing thickness…If my ruler sticks near the H clips , then they have it.
It is real obvious that it is there.

Roy do you encounter it up there is is not allowed as per form in dade and broward unless they just hit the gaps and that I am even not sure is legal or not. If I had it my way when I re do my roof I would like it to be full sheets over everything exposed and on dutch hip/gable areas I would run it 1/4 up the little gable. I do not know why you must tin tag down felt first it makes applying it after USELESS.

Robert has always been willing to help anyone who asks and I think he is a good guy. The man sure can write a book though :slight_smile:

Thats a good idea ! Just hoping the ruler actually touches the tape instead of the felt paper.

If it touches felt then it sure ain’t Mod bit SWR :slight_smile:

Yes, but not very often.

I can usually see it and take a picture. I can also touch it to see if it is self adhering. Most of the time if the roof is put on before 10/1/2007, I usually will not see it. I will use the permit information if it is documented there or the receipt from the roofer if it is properly documented and marked paid. Now this is in my area. I document what I have. If I can’t tell or don’t know that is what I mark. In South Florida your results may vary.