Secured electrical service

The electrical service wires to the home going to the service meter. Don’t these wires need to be secured to the structure in some way? Also doesn’t the wiring appear to be in pretty rough shape?




This is what you end up with all too often when you get new vinyl siding installed.

Yes and yes.

It looks like they added siding on the gable and didn’t resecure the SEC.

McBride…McBride, sounds like a good name for a County Sheriff. :smiley:


Yes, that cable IS in VERY rough shape. In that condition all it is is a wick for rain and moisture.

Nice pics Harry,

may I use them for educational purposes, it’s not that often I see that type of SE conductor.



Is that exposed romex or cable wire running behind the frayed service wires?

I was thinking that also William…but then came to the thought that it may be coax cable as it looks round…But you never know.

Thanks guys! So I guess the consensus is to recommend a licensed electrical contractor to evaluate and determine the repairs that are necessary to secure the electrical service to the structure. It is further recommended that the licensed electrical contractor evaluate the electrical service conductors due to the frayed condition of the wiring.

Yes, Gerry, you can use the pics.

WHY must you put “evaluate and determine the repairs”. YOU have already evaluated it and determined that it needs to be repaired. Why not just say “recommend all repairs be made by a licensed electrician”. If something needs to be repaired, then say so. The electricain will have to do his own evaluation to determine how he is going to make that repair. We dis-credit ourselves every time we call for someone else to evaluate what we already know is wrong.

Thanks Harry, and also to Jim who saw my request and emailed me a couple.