Security Film Instead of Tempered Glass

Anybody else seen this? Some window companies are promoting it as up to code. Seems safer to me than tempered glass because there will be no shards. IRC says anything but tempered glass has to be approved by a local inspector. But this is a new product, I assume. However I don’t know how to tell the real stuff from just plastic. Also have not been able to find non transparent security film. The whole pane wasn’t covered. I assume that’s a problem.

I could be wrong but I think you can see out but looking in is reduced big time .

ICC-ES has a couple of window safety films approved. I’ve first saw them about 10 years ago.

One issue with these films is that they usually void the warranty on windows with insulated glazing.

IIRC the safety film reflects heat which then ruins the suspended film between the panes of glass.

I have seen it in clear. You can definitely tell there is a film applied.