Glass failed, window passed!

I did a wind mit where the glass was denied a DCA or FLA approval, but a window with that EXACT glass passed. LMAO, funny what an engineer with 1 foot in grave can do for you.

Didn’t you hear about the new space age window frames? With their fancy hexagonal polymer micro bead reinforced Kevlar & carbon nanotube construction? It makes the glass stronger!

Yep the product used must have been tested. It is kind of like a outward opening fire door not getting the same credit as a similar impact door. Someone could get rich if they could test doors on site at a reasonable rate and provide the homeowners the paperwork.

If anyone knows of such a method for getting doors approved please let us know.
I have seen some awesome hand made doors and such that do not pass simply because they have never been tested and the process would cost to much for the “average” homeowner.

Doesn’t exist M&M - you would need a portable wind tunnel. Its a shame that they won’t except a Professional Engineers Certification on product approval. A Prof. Eng. can certify an entire building structure, but can’t certify an individual window or door ----- Go figure!

Thanks, I did not think there was anything out there that could help.

Now that I have thought about it some more, i have personally had custom mahogony doors successfully certified by a Professional Engineer and excepted by the bldg. dept. in the past. Hmmm, have things changed?

That was the exact type of stuff I am talking about. What did it cost?

Has anyone else done anything like that?

I don’t think you would need a wind tunnel. Just a cannon that shoots 2x4’s. Are people really gonna let you shoot objects at their windows and doors that are currently installed on their property just to save a few hundred bucks?

That would sure be a lot more fun than doing the inspections.
I’am in.:smiley:

Kind of like the SNL skit!
Put stones on her and put her in the pit of water…if you sink…you are not a witch!:mrgreen:

Bad news Mr. Homeowner, your home failed our wind test and now the city is citing you for debris and broken windows and doors!