Window Film

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I have a homeowner who is questioning my classification of “none” for their opening protection because they have “hurricane film” installed on the windows.

Seems like a cut and dry case except the homeowner also has documentation from the product manufacture showing the product has passed the small missile impact testing standard.

Do any of you guys have any helpful links that describe why window film is not rated as hurricane protection.

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Justin, the following is the only one I have been able to find that is validated for small missile impact. Manufactured by 3M. It should be this one. Compare it to the documentation your client has to make sure it’s the right one. Good luck and report back to let us know.



If he has the paper work, send it in and let the insurance company make the determination.

I would be very careful about this “film” reading the NOA it appears the windows must be specific windows installed in a very specific manner. I don’t think you can just throw the film on there and BINGO its protected, not that it matters on the new form anyways…

Remember the key word here is “opening”…protecting just the glass isn’t enough.

You are both correct. but, that holds true for any shutter system. That’s why I say, document what’s there and any documentation the client may have and submit it. Let the underwriters determine what’s acceptable or not.


Russ is correct, there is a small missle film, if installed properly. It must be attched to the frame.

From the old form:

The verbage I use to demonstrate why film is not acceptable is about the cyclic pressure - sure the window remains intact, but it is laying on the ground because the frame failed.

I would also point out that none of the A, B, C, or D answers is appropriate for smaill missle impact - only for large missle impact

the manufactures docs are misleading, film=none

Thanks as always.

The feedback was great. I was able to explain to the homeowner why window film does not count. I also found a link on the net to the old MSFH training manuel that gave more detail on window film.

Thanks again guys!