See anything here that should be considered?

I would like to hear what will be said about this installation.

Is the box fill considered here where the code seems to be silent on this product?

What are these devices called?


If it had a proper cover plate on it, and the switches were functional, I can’t tell you that I don’t think most home inspectors would pull the cover plate to see the inside.

I see a missing screw on the sw group on the right. I see a missing sw/outlet on the group on the left. The outlets are not grounded which may be OK if the install was done during “that” time when it was normal. The box cover looks like a WireMold product based on its color. The switch/outlet plate is missing. Looks like a drywall screw was used on the sw group on the right. A paper label has been applied under the lower mounting ear of the group on the right. As far as box loading goes I would have to pull the outlets but I would guess it is packed. One thing to note is that there is no ground wire to get in the way if this an old install :slight_smile:


Where can I buy one of these to install in my home… More switches and an extra outlet!! I like it.

Here ya go

Thanks, but I think I like my current set up more. :slight_smile:

I think it would be nice if you could just put a picture up in a report, since it is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words or more”, and write below the pic…Enough said. LOL

This way?

You are right. Must have been a genius… In my “innovation” category.

This is not a true statement

ARTICLE 386 Surface Metal Raceways
I. General
386.1 Scope.
This article covers the use, installation, and construction specifications for surface metal raceways and associated fittings.
386.2 Definition.
Surface Metal Raceway. A metallic raceway that is intended to be mounted to the surface of a structure, with associated couplings, connectors, boxes, and fittings for the installation of electrical conductors.

Look here for more OSHA pictures](

Box fill would be where I started after I pointed out the broken device.
In real life code inspectors seldom actually get to see surface mounted wiring like this because it is usually done after the CO.
Florida is trying to beef up their rehabilition code but right now there is a DMZ between the CO and what gets permitted on a renovation. If it is not part of the renovation permit scope it doesn’t get inspected.

That to me looks like a wire mold plate.
Wonder how long that green field is?
Referring to the original pic

That wiring method you see was not FMC, it was 12 AWG, Type AC “BX” cable, and the surface metal raceway box extension was secured to a two gang device (gem) box. If we started to discuss the box fill here, we would look for the number of fittings in the box, and begin our deductions, and count each device (strap/yoke) as 2 wires. Gets tricky and will require a detailed hands on explanation.

I laugh when I see the DIY saying: “I added another cable into the box so I could run the new line”… gots lots of horror stories we do, us old guys!

Post 11 cites the NEC ?, HI’s don’t do CODE, they should understand that the original comment was asking if the SMR Box extension includes the cubic inch capacity to be considered as adding addional space like we find on other boxes and raised covers.

Post #11 was directed to the comment made by the original poster which said;

by showing the code Article that address that type of installation.
It went on to answer this question asked by the original poster;

I will admit that the poster of Post #11 was addressing the type of raceway and enclosure as the poster of post #11 took for granted that the original poster of this thread already knew what switches and receptacles were. Was the poster of post #11 mistaken about the knowledge of the original poster?

The original poster made the comment concerning the code not addressing this type of installation. Is it now the opinion of the original poster that the code should never have been brought into the conversation or does the original poster admit that the code does in fact mention this type of installation?

Was it the intent of the original poster to mention box fill in his post?
Is not box fill a code issue or is the original poster saying that box fill is a matter of opinion?

Hey Cowboy! Just having a little fun don’t be offended! Your comments are of value and when there is something that can be explained with out citing the Code, (and believe me that’s hard for me) we have to remember that the people here, many of them want to learn.

So between us and other code people we should keep that in mind.

Well said! I have not memorized the NEC but I know how to look up a code if need be. Of course all I am suppose to do is call out any item that “in my opinion” is a deficiency for further review by a qualified contractor. That being said knowledge is power … and the more knowledge I possess the better service I provide to my clients.

[/bagofwindrant] :smiley:

Joe your help , much like Paul’s who has helped me personally by phone a couple of times is much appreciated.
I just ask for explanations other than a boring code number to look up.
Stories are a good thing, as are illustrations