Newly installed panel box

Just need clarification here:
Of course with being a female, I get challenged all of the time, today on a final inspection for a city based company, a new panel box was installed in the basement, 4 feet off ground, secured to the wall fine.the electric company has not yet connected to the meter or to the pole, no inspection stickers on new panel box, OF COURSE the gentleman whose company installed the panel box says they have been inspected by the city and passed, I requested the permits pulled and paperwork for final sign off and electrical license # from installer. There was no door cover present, the woman who lives in the house stated no children live there, the gentleman stated that the panel is not recessed and no cover needs to be present, is this true on a new panel box install?


I understand your question a panel cover must be installed.

Is that your question?

The panel box was covered but no door present to open that latches over the circuit breaker area, is that required? a panel cover door?


The breakers within that panel MUST be accessible in order to turn them off in the event of a electrical issue. I do not believe and I am not with my NEC right now....but I do not believe the Distribution panel can be installed in this a AUX gutter or the like with no OCPD and so on that would be only accessed by qualified individuals fine....but not a service panel with OCPD's located inside.

I will look into more detail on this when I am back in the office, Mike may have more information on this already ready on hand.

Good question.

At first I have to say no requirement (because I can not site it) but I do not believe that. BECAUSE

This is the first time that I have heard this question.

Just question it.

PS I do not have a code reference Now.

“Mike may have more information on this already ready on hand.”

Thanx Paul

A picture may help.

As you can tell Paul and I do not want to tell you something unless we have the code reference.

I will give it a FULL LOOK SEE when I am back in the office…I am on the handheld now out of town.

Mike, Agreed…I dont like the idea of it…and it SOUNDS fishy…and it may be a good proposal for additional NEC’s IF it is not their…now we know they can be locked out in commerical settings…because of usually an 'Authority" person has access…

But in a residential that has a CODE that likes to see things like (6) disconnect rules and 6 throws and such…seems not having access to the OCPD’s in a HURRY would be…well…potentially problematic…what do ya thing fella?

thanks for your help
I wanted to be sure before I send the follow up items before I sign off. He has ripped off the client, they charged and are to be paid from the city $3695.00, (older row home)they installed a new 100 amp service panel box and service cable and repaired a circuit to outlets that were not working in house. They were to update service (old 60 amp service glass fuse panel) and wiring through house and ground outlets plus new wiring as needed. They did not rewire anything, and there are still 2 prong outlets present, she was running extension cord after extension cord for fans. (not to mention, installed a new furnace-high effiency generic brand for $3900.00 no A/C unit just a furnace, the ductwork was already there) Just a shame that some people rip others off.

I have not seen a newly installed panel box without a cover door???


I would turn it down.

From my memory not the code, readily accessible?

Too damn dark to go to the truck and get my code books.

Give us your location.

Someone here will help you.

Ok…double check me Mike…I may be STREECHING it a bit…

Off memory…check out Art 240.24 I believe which should state the OCPD SHALL BE readily accessible unless certain options are met…and I dont think any of them apply here…check that for me…

I am in Baltimore, I will not send anything about that til tomorrow afternoon, no problem, I appreciate the help

I did question it, but have not seen yes or no


I have an easy out here. As the AHJ I say NO.

As a Part-Time fill in AHJ and ICC Residential Electrical Inspector, NEC Consultant, F-15 Fighter Pilot, Dragon Slayer, Mentor to Donald Trump …lol…I also say NO as well…There…you got (2) NO’s…lol

Ok…Ok…so I don’t slay Dragons…:wink:

There is no requirement that the breakers need a cover as long as the wiring compartment is totally enclosed. There are many models that do not have a door.

Look at the SqD catalog and you see “with door” and “without door”

lol…well I said I was STREECHING a bit greg…lol…I dont have my book handy and well was going off memory…lol…to be honest with you I have never in my nearly 20 years installed a panel without a door on it…so go figure.

Honestly I can’t even get an image of one to question it…frankly I just dont like the idea of a residential panel in a dwelling with no access door on the front…I am taking a stand…Boycott Square D…

Have you ever installed one of these greg…and while it does not have a door…maybe it is a full panel front pulloff that would be ok…but is it not safe to say that a full covered front…screwed in with OCPD’s inside is not readily accessible?

Greg…I dont think the DOOR is the question…I have seen many panels 125A and down MLO and so on that simply has openings for breakers and no door…I think we are refering to a panel with a cover on the front that has NO openings in it…simply screwed shut and no access to the OCPD’s without removing the entire front cover.

Are you saying you have installed panels ( and not talking about the ones with access to the OCPD and just no hinged door ) but really no access to the OCPD’s physically…new one on me as I have not seen them but again I only deal in Residential when playing electrician and I have never seen one.