see anything wrong

see anything wrong here





Can you upload some larger photos? They are just a bit too small.

how are these





Hi to all,

Jon, talk it through, what do you think may be wrong here?



panel not bonded,main service cable loose and resting on pipes,3 different brands of breakers

Hi Jon,

Some details are a little hard to see from he pictures, but here are my thoughts.

  • panel not bonded, I cannot see any insulator between the grounding bus and the panel which makes me think that the bond is the screw holding the bus to the enclosure.
  • main service cable loose and resting on pipes, Agreed the conductors do not appear to be properly supported.
  • 3 different brands of breakers, Again hard to be sure, but I believe all those breakers are UL listed for the panel.

I hope this helps



What year is this house?
Is that a Siemens panel?

Square D Arc Fault Check recall** (on breaker-blue button) **Catalogue #Q0115AFI… Date code CN-DN .

Those aren’t the recalled breakers Jae.

I don’t think that panel is the service equipment. The SEC assembly may be poorly supported, but from those pictures, I don’t see much else. . .

This is a recalled breaker. . .


Look at the test button…Square D is much smaller…easy to see even on the small photos

Just in case anyone needs a copy of my original recall post on the AFCI’s…here is a link to it…

AS for the wires on the copper pipe…poor angle kinda like the crocidile hunter and the baby thing…

The panel image…just can’t see the breakers good enough…but here is a list of crossmixing breakers…

The following panels will only accept breakers from the same manufacturer:

Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific*,General Electric ( half size ) and Square D*

  • New challenger breakers are fitting into FPE’s and Cutler Hammer actually makes a UL approved Sq D Replacement Now.

The following circuit breakers may cross mix…defer to the manufacturer

American Switch, General Switch, Arrow hart, Murray ( crouse hinds ) Challenger ( sylvania ) , Seimens ( IRE, Gould ), General Electric ( full size only) and Westinghouse.

*NOTICE- only when the load center says they accept them…

And…I do have to question…and jeff stated it also…is this a Main Panel or a “Sub” panel…based on the image of the grounded and grounding terminations on different bars…not a problem in a sub panel…but in a main panel lets home they connect to each other in some fasion…great obervation Jeff…

P.S…Probably why the GREEN BONDING screw is sitting their…I would have CHUCKED it…if it was truly a “SUB” panel ( Remote Distribution Panel )

Good catch, the cable looks like SER, so might be why the electrician took the time to install a ground bar, but not the time to install the bonding screw.

As for the ‘what is wrong’ fun, I have to dig for scraps since everyone else did a good job. OK, here is my one table crumb, the grounded conductor (“neutral”) is on a double pole breaker, and not re-identified as an ungrounded conductor (“hot”).


lol…well I would have said that but it did not rear its head until the 2002 NEC was adopted…so if the installation is before the 2002 NEC was adopted the re-identification is not required and the code is not retroactive…so technically it could stay…

Gotta yank away my one and only scrap.




lol…no actually in the SAFETY world…it made the NEC/NFPA because it was identified as a safety concern…so still a good SCRAP…:slight_smile:

thanks guys for all your help

ps- the house is 3 years old