See 'The Leak Detective' comments under video, this is how you embarAZZ yourself on this subject

iddddddddddddiotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - go ahead n read his comment under video if you have nuttin better to do, America is weak because of increasing number of weak MINDS, folla?
Another guy who thinks he knows ALL about waterproofing 'n leaking basements n how to fix 'em

Gus a ROOOooo, Mr Detective wrote/replied to Bubba,
’ You am wrong, You overcharge for the work that is NOT needed. You can’t fix all the cracks and holes in a foundation (loolllllllllllllllll), but you can make alot of money. Best of all you don’t fix the REAL CAUSE lollll, then you get to fix it again, you just want to make money wasting the clients time. ’

TOTAL incompetence on this subject, inept as can be, a liar, a blind lil bi ch, that’s right!

So if you have leaky basement, you go ahead n phone Gus the Detective lol, hmmmmm, i wonder if GUS–a-Roooooooooooooooo gives homeowners a long guarantee on his shtttt, idiots

Uncle Bubba, continuing his milkman journey in calling out the weak, sorry sobs and scammers in this business, speaking of WITCH loll where is duh empty beer cans dude been? Where’s that lawyer? Where’s his plane? i keep looking up in duh sky to dodge empty beer cans dropping outta plane in case he FFFffflies lol to Michigan , i’m here man, i have an extra digging shovel FER ya bro.

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haha!!! Gus the lil B t ch, keeps running his incompetent rookie mouth

i do not see any guarantee he offers on his website, he lists bunch O crap, hmmm, why not put in bold big az letters n write, how long his guarantee is? lolllll

On his website Gussy says he has invetsigated hundreds of leaks since 2015

But his comment says 5,000 lolll

His website says he charges a MINIMUM of $325 to do leak detective work ---- i identify leaks for free for 40 years B iiiitc – but he claims i’m the rip off artist, duhhhhhh

What is your written guarantee say Gus baby and how long???

i will kick his lil twink cornhusker azzzz, get Bubba to Nebraska land so i can run water tests with a hose where this pinhead installed a stOOPid downspout ext

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Gus said,Bubba is a rip off and a bunch of other SHTTttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

hmmm, why would i go to this guys house 2 different times for $40 then?

Gus duh Leak detective dude would NOT have recommended to guy in 1st video above NOR this lady to remove some drywall, in order to SEE problem areas… in order to IDENTIFY their problems CORRECTLY n then, i dunno, fix THEM !!! And what about the MOLD behind the drywall, just let it be? BEATLES

what about the 22 deteriorated leaky rod holes and the MOLD Gus baby?

i did those rod holes, 2 trips and not right around the corner either, for $325… that’s what Gus baby says he charges miminum charge to lolll be the so called leak detective, lil bttch

EXPOooooooooooooosed in Nebraska-land. you lose lolll