this guy claims home inspectors miss 71% of leaky basements

Right right, not a home inspectors job to tear drywall etc out in order to help identify a leaky basements, foundation cracks, mold etc, some of us ‘get’ that. My problem with ‘some’ HI’s is they also have their own knothead claims about leaky basements and post videos or write articles about grading and other nonsense will solve 90% of all leaky basements, it’s just not true.
He has, states a few decent points in this video but he, like ‘some’ HI’s… is not an expert on this subject, see next short-video for that…
Here is WHY he’s NOT an expert and why he too should ziplock his yapper on this subject… first 10 seconds"leak detective" says homeowner has leaky basement and he’s going to go in the basement and check the leak…

right there, when he goes into the basement and your supposedly an honest, experienced leak-detective lol, you look at, errr inspect the leaky area, the foundation wall and you should know, see… the problem. If there’s drywall up then a piece of it should be cut in order to help determine the actual problem.

What does he do? Goes around the entire house looking at the GRADE etc, looollll… the leaky area, one apparently, is small area of SIDE wall so… all he needed to do was to run a water test, run the hose against that part of the basement wall to determine if there is a crack or rod hole etc in the wall! (that’s if homeowner doesn’t want to remove piece of drywall, or if it’s a block, brick F-wall then not all exterior cracks appear on the inside of wall). POINT is, he runs water elsewhere! loll omg, and some actually wonder why i redundantly post. He claims to be Mr detective YET, does not do, inspect, DETECT what is needed!!!

Like ‘some’ HI’s, here is Mr Detective again who ineptly claims the downspout/elbow was why the basement leaked, total NONSENSE! … he actually wrote, “The fix was easy, NO basement waterproofing needed, just a $5 -$10 new extension”.
Some are absolutely lost on this subject, they actually think-believe some of these moronic myths and claim they are an expert, nonsense, that’s a lie, they are an expert only in their own brain, got dat? . Detective dude, you shouldn’t be claiming others aren’t doing a good job when it’s obvious you still have quite a bit to learn yourself, ya feel me!
What should have been done here, this video is take a hose and run the water from ground level down AT–NEAR that corner! Run the water, if need be, up to 30–40 minutes in order to determine in there is an exterior corner cracks, cracked parging in wall like this…
Lady already raised and sloped the grade etc, she also painted the inside wall with Drylok!
Here is video of stupid Drylok
Say again, some block and brick foundation walls, when you look at them on the inside of basement, you may NOT see any crack in wall. The fact you may not see any crack inside NEVER means there aren’t 1+ cracks on the exterior of the wall as you can clearly see there was in videos!!! lol

So to PROVE to this lady, and some others, that she had 1+ exterior cracks in block wall, I ran a water test and yep, within 5 minutes there was water inside basement, on floor, at wall–floor joint, PROOF she needed exterior waterproofing and NOTHING else. And you see in video, since she said she ONLY got water in basement, at-near the corner I don’t talk peeps into waterproofing additional footage. Sometimes it turns out some homeowners have an exterior HORIZONTAL crack in foundation wall and so if, when they do, they will need more waterproofing done in future.

If you’re smart you will remove a piece of drywall like this…
…to help determine your actual problem, ya see? Often there is some MOLD on the F wall or backside of drywall anyways, needs to go, be cleaned, sheesh.
If you do not remove a piece of two of drywall you then open yourself up to getting screwed over by interior drainage system companies and some exterior contractors who will talk you into doing the entire wall or all the way around the house when you only need 1-2 certain area done, got it?

If you’re smart you will remove a piece of drywall like this…

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Estimate on a leaky basement, Oak Park … this homeowner had an interior system contractor come over 'n give him the usual scam lines, and offered a partial interior system for $7,000. There are only 2 vertical cracks in the walls, 2 leaky areas
Homeowner asks why not go all the way around, my answer, NO NEED, why spend money waterproofing all poured walls when you only have 2 cracks, 2 leaks? No rod hole leaks, no other cracks as of this time, house built in the '60s and has 2 lousy cracks so from where I sit, no need at all to do more than the two existing problems, which by the way somebody tried patching n painting over, same stupid crap, waste of time.

Told him, check all the rod holes if he’s gonna finish basement, have a plumber snake the lateral clean out and floor drains and waterproof the two cracks… on the outside $2,100. Told him i’ll gladly dig from here to China for ya but again, it is NOT at all necessary! But if you have the cash, my guys n I will be here and of course it’ll cost more lol, sheesh

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