See ya all tomorrow night (Tues) in Seattle. Look at who else will be on hand to help

P. Nathan Thornberry of RecallChek
Michael O’Handley of Inspector’s Journal
Jim Gallant of ReportHost
Nick Gromicko

See ya there!

Does Inspectors Journal still exist ?

Thought everyone stopped posting at that heavily edited den of mis-information years ago
Last I recall O’Handley was telling his 6-7 viewers they should dump all links to NACHI as it would get them banned by Goggle and anyone who did not agree was removed and banned off his blog.

Hope he is simply talking as he is not so good at listening .

Oh Bob… be nice. :slight_smile:

Nick, Bob’s a Liberal… he needs to talk smack or he’ll implode! :shock::wink:


Not sure why you assume I am a liberal?

More of a libertarian who is not racist,not willing to force my beliefs on others,like fairness,do not feel every unibrow in breeder should have instant access to weapons of mass destruction(see Denver movie theater),think building a Berlin wall south of the border solves nothing,and also do not think white old guys need to be involved in woman’s personal choices while hating taxes except those that are necessary.

Which ones are needed is where the fun comes in.

The biggest issue with being a Libertarian is with more population the less it can work which is also very complicated.

You can not push a bunch of sardines into a room and have chaos as a system.

By the way this kind of talk is not allowed at I.J the snozzers journal…:slight_smile:

You’re really not a libertarian.

True libertarians, like me, believe that as long as we aren’t hurting others, our government should leave us alone.

As history has shown, disarming people harms them… and we have hundreds of millions of dead bodies to point to, as evidence. In comparing the number of unarmed people killed in movie theaters to the number of unarmed people killed by tyrants… all those zeros matter.

That is why I mentioned Libertarian beliefs would not work today.

Mostly Libertarian (me) with allowances made for all those that keep over populating.

Either the Chinese government method of birth control must be used world wide (nobody wants that) or rules and regulations need to be put in place that do not play well with the Libertarian Utopia.

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Sounds more like a confused Collectivist