MAB vs Nick

I hate to say it, buuuuuuuut I told you so. Good reading anyway. To bad when I pointed this out almost a year ago I got put down and ignored. I would really like to see what Nick would do if all the commitee’s stepped down.

Then again you all have been replaced already. Have you not seen the build up of the CO staff and venders?

Join me in the land of association free living. It’s great!!! I’m busier then ever and now I get to laugh at this BB rather then fight on it for change.

Good luck guys, really, you don’t need nachi. Also I love turning in my daily nachi propaganda emails as spam. I never read them.

How about that 9 car!!!

Chuck, glad to hear you are doing well!

Thanks Joe, I see you putting up the good fight, but nicky has a way of twisting the words to fit his propoganda machine. Nicky’s goal is for all of you to quit, like I did. I also see that David quit the MAB.

I hold the members of nachi in high regards, but if I see a so called cmi anywhere near my area I will bury them, and stick the nachi flag in them so it stands straight up for all other so called cmi’s to see.


Good to see your doing well.


Hey Chuck,

We are losing the fight over this CMI program. I still can’t believe that he got people like Gerry B and Michael R to support such a fraud on the general public. Needless to say I lost all respect for anyone that is listed as a member of the board for that program. Anyone with any thought process at all can see that they are only after the money. NACHI is quickly sliding down that slippery slope. With what was our respected leaders leading the way.

I have a feeling that I am going to be right behind you Chuck.

Hey Jerry,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I wonder how the bush supporters feel now about iraq?


I’m not surprised by Mick R & inspection depot deal at all.

I see ashi

Im at my home in Traverse City for the summer and fall. If you ever get up this way I’ll buy you a beer or two(I owe you a couple for all the heartburn:D ) As far as Iraq goes, I can honestly say I have very mixed feelings.


I have never been to Traverse City, but everyone that has tells me it’s the best. What a great place for the summer, you are one lucky guy.

Has Nick gone to far for some of you on this so called cmi deal? What about the way he slams the MAB?

You can now send Joe Farsetta 500 bucks, and then send nachi 175 to become a Certified Master Inspetor! Wow, you reall have to be certified to put yourself out like that. It feels good to be right on the money about nicky and his vender buddies. Anyway, got to fire up the grill after my 3 inspection day, suck back some suds and dream about what if! LOL

In the words of another Jerry "SHOW ME THE MONEY’’

By the wayChuck, Im working on the Holy moley of home inspection. When I get it done it will revolutionize the home inspection business. Its not quite done yet but its close. The algo-rythyms are not quite right yet but were close. Any interest?:wink:


Chuck I will be visiting West Branch. How close is that to you.

Greg I will not let you quit again. You are valuable

What…? Whaaaaaaaat?!:mrgreen:

Posted By Joe Farsetta,

This whole thing stinks to high heavens. When my attorneys get a hold of this, they’ll shred it for the sham it is. It was a blatent attempt at my removal from NACHI; a move which was unauthorized and unwarranted. Its so friggin’ obvious, a child can see it.

This guy is what nachi is…a complete waste of time. If I were still a member I would push for all volunteers to quit nachi. What a joke this place has become. If feel sorry for the guys stuggling to make a buck and then you got this self proclaimed nachi guy joe farsetta that thinks his **** don’t stink. To me he looks like a punk talking that lawyer crap. Only *****'s talk lawyers. But then again he is nickys best bud!

Gary, Not familiar with West Branch…Is it anywhere near Ann Arbor?

Jerry, Is this anything like the Holy Grail? Or is it save your money, buy property in Traverse City and enjoy the good life?

I should have named this thread NACHI members VS Nicky and Joey F!


Here is West Branch.

Okay, here it is…

Hmmmm…something isn’t right.

Straight west of Cadillac.

3 hours north of detroit. I will also be in Royal Oak.

Royal Oak? That’s fun and scary at the same time.

I actually live in Canton…Home of the newest IKEA! Grand opening tomorrow.

I bet Nick doesn’t have one of those!

Larry do you belong to the MI inspection association? I forget the acrynum.(MHIA) I have been watching from the sidelines, looks like they may have something to offer for the state licenseing.