Seems like a kickback to me

What do you guys think about what this InterNACHI guy has on his first page?

If you are a Ft. Lauderdale Insurance Agent, a Ft. Lauderdale real estate agent, a Ft. Lauderdale mortgage broker, or some other Ft. Lauderdale business owner who recognizes that our businesses have synergy then we would LOVE the opportunity to talk with you! We are constantly reaching out to the Ft. Lauderdale business community in hopes to foster a stronger relationship with you! Not only do we provide both far superior and far more professional Ft. Lauderdale inspection services but we also have an amazing partnership rewards program. We would love to have an opportunity to discuss our Ft. Lauderdale home inspection professionals competitive advantages with you by sponsoring a nice breakfast or lunch for your company! If you are interested then simply give us a call!

Smells like fish.

More like a wish sandwich. :wink:

Post a link.

I am not sure if I wish to possibly do another home inspector harm.

Seems he isn’t bashful about it or he wouldn’t have posted it publicly on the internet.

Well with that said not to hard to find . Even a meeker can do it.
Should be in members only

Whoops! You are right.

Should I re post there?

I do not know how to kill this thread.

To late Most likely

I am just wondering if everyone thinks it is as shady as I think it is.

It seems to be common practice around here with many of the Home Inspectors that do Insurance inspections. I hear about it all the time. This is the first guy I have seen advertising it.

I have no comment, Many put on seminars and such

I can see a seminars at least that is teaching something to gain trust.
I am wondering about that amazing partnership rewards program.

Gotta love Windows 7… highlight the paragragh, click search Google, and Voila’!!!

will match ANY price…love it!

delete your 1st post

Watch out Meeker… (That’s why we have a low price guarantee. Find a cheaper local rate? We will match any advertised price.)

Hmmm… unless I missed it, I couldn’t find his name, or his business name, in the Nachi membership list.