Seismix straps

This is inside a 1974 mobile home. Any comment I could put on the report other than not to code

First… you are in CA so it is required to have two seismic straps…

Next… refer to LICENSED plumber to fix everything else wrong with it!!!

Do you always refer to code when reporting?

Rust, mixed metals, probably more than 10 years old, looks hard-piped without union, evidence of leaking… Recommend replacement to avoid property damage

Is there a picture of the bottom, I think theres a puddle too…

I think that about does it… and as mentioned, secure water heater.

we roll strapless in Ohio, but that tank has issues…

I do not use code in my report. that was just me talking to you all. Perfect Thank you all this has made my transition into home inspections & the civilian world much easier. thanks